Deepstream Guatemala 

As  many of you may know, missions has always been something dear to my heart. Back in 2010 and 2013 I had the privilege of visiting the Buena Vista Sports Academy in Guatemala where the Johnson Family was serving along with Leiva's Coffee farm. Both of these missions are so precious to me. I hope to be able to visit them again soon! I am happy to now be able to support the BVSA mission through Pennington's on 51st. Thank you for supporting my small business so that I can support others.


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The Kynes in Kenya

To the left is a dear friend and client I have gotten to know over the last 3 years being at Pennington's. Her family spent 6 months in Kijabe, Kenya from 2018-2019 and have felt the Lord's calling to go back. They just had their 4th child in early April 2021 and are now back in Kenya. I am so blessed to know Ansley and to be able to support their amazing mission. Her husband, Matt will be serving in the anesthesiologist program training others. I hope to be able to visit them in Kijabe over the 5 years they have committed. Please join me in praying for them! And again thank you for supporting my small business so I can support others. 

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Our Mission: 
​Holding the belief that a quality education is the key to breaking the chains of poverty, our mission is:
To connect areas in need with the proper tools required to improve the quality of education being used to teach students, to prepare students for higher education, to offer continual learning support for educators in these countries, to supply access to valuable learning resources directly to each student, to create a sustainable resource that will continue to grow indigenously as part of each individual community after we have left, and to help equip people with the necessary tools to achieve their full potential in life while giving back to their community.

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