• Tiffany Lanham

2019 Goals

Happy Monday, y'all!

I hope you're having a great day! We are 21 days in to 2019 and we are either kicking our goals in the butt or kicking them to the curb. Which are you doing? Personally, I am still standing strong. Not on my own, but by the grace of God and his strength. A few of my goals, and I prefer goals not resolutions, are getting up at 5am daily, working out 3-5 days a week, streamlining my schedule so I am doing work at work and enjoying being home when I am home. It's not easy. Everyday it's a struggle when that alarm goes off. "Do I stay in bed? Do I cancel that workout class? Do I work on the blog while Hudson needs my attention?" I live and breathe by my planner. I know Type A here. But, it has changed my life. I always allow time for things to go wrong or get off schedule bc guess what? It does! I have found that waking up at 5am has given me time to not only enjoy my coffee, but spend time reading my Bible, praying, and taking a deep breath before the day really starts. I usually head to the gym around 5:45 and take the 6am barre class at Neighborhood Barre. I am so grateful for this community and the exercise kicks my butt everyday. I feel so good after and more energized for my day. By 7am I already have 2 big things knocked out for the day. This is a huge weight off of me and I feel at such peace. I usually head home to make breakfast, get Hudson ready for the day, and myself as well. I have been smarter about my work time too. I have a great new journal/planner that I use just for work called "One Book" and I have a really enjoyed it. Before I start my day at work I write out what I am grateful for, what my goals are for the day, and things I need to get done. If I have any breaks during the day I will watch my business building videos, plan out social media posts, and write my blog. And then at the end of the day I do a daily reflection before leaving the salon. It's nice few minutes for me to decompress my day and celebrate my wins, consider the losses and leave it there. I am far from perfect with my system but it's working for me at this point and I am so glad for that. For the first time since becoming a mom I feel like I have finally gotten a little bit of my life back. I hope that you are staying strong in your goals for this year. If not, start right now. Pick up right where you left off. Don't get down and discouraged. Today is a new day! Lets do this together! Let's kick 2019 in the butt. Ready, set, go!




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