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I know I say it ALL the time but I am so sorry for being MIA for over a month! I was traveling and then was really sick with some sinus and allergy issues. I was pretty much just surviving! The last few weeks have been a blur. But I am back and feeling great!

I cannot wait to share with you my amazing trip to Banff, Canada! Truly it was the most amazing place I have ever been! I look at the pictures and cannot believe that I was there and able to see the amazing beauty. I keep asking Brandon if we can go back for a family trip next year! LOL

From the time we landed until we left everyone was so nice! Canada was so clean and so efficient in the everyday things. We landed in Calgary on Friday around 1pm and picked up our rental. We started our drive to Lake Louise which was about 2 hours or so bc the speed limit is very slow in the national park. We stopped at a cute little town called 3 Sisters in Canmore. We ate at 3 Sisters Bistro and being it was our sister trip with 3 of us we just had to get a picture with the sign! We later found out that 3 sisters is a mountain range! Duh! After lunch we headed on. Surrounded by the most amazing mountain ranges I have ever seen! We pulled up to the Fairmont Lake Louise and it was just as amazing as the photos. We were upgraded to a Jr. Suite and they had 3 of everything! They sent a bottle of champagne and a charcuterie board to our room and gave us a free canoe ride on Lake Louise. We headed straight outside to see the infamous Lake Louise. OMG is all you can say. The water is really that blue/green color. Laying in a valley between to mountains and Victoria Glacier. It was a site to see! We had drinks in the bar with the most amazing view and had dinner downstairs at the Alpine Social. We had an awesome waiter name Blake who told us all the things to do. We had some amazing fried chicken! On Saturday we headed out early to Emerald Lake. It's actually in British Columbia. We didnt realize how close we were. We got there about 7:30am and it was dead. We did the 3 mile walk around the lake and got to see the clouds rise and the beauty come to life. It was awesome. We got some great photos and then at the end we saw all the tourist. They must have slept in! We stopped by the Takkakaw Falls and Natural Bridge and just wow. I felt like all I would say was wow this whole trip! We headed back to Lake Louise and stopped in a little town called Field and coffee and hot chocolate at Truffle Pigs while we waited for the lunch hour to start. We enjoyed that little gem. We came back to the Fairmont and did the Lake Agnes hike up to the tea house. This hike is 2 miles and all up hill. It was a good workout. Just ask my sister Pam LOL The tea house is so cute and it has no running water or electric. They have to hike the supplies and trash up and down daily. We saw some amazing views of Lake Louise from up high as well as Lake Agnes and Mirror Lake. I would love to be able to go back and do more hikes around the lake eventually. We ended the evening by having dinner at the Deer Lodge just a short walk from the Fairmont. The soup was to die for! Sunday we got up early and headed to Lake Moraine at 6am. They close the road off once parking is full so we got lucky. But we were still "late." We got stuck in a bus spot and had to move right after sunset. But we hiked in the dark up Rock Pile and watched the sunrise over the water. WOW is all I can saw! It was incredible. We got yelled out for getting in peoples photos and that was a little disappointing but we still got some great shots. I recommend getting there at like 4am next time! It really looked like a green screen behind me. We then went back to the Fairmont for breakfast at Poppy and met a sweet older couple that travels together. They were 80 and 96! That is always a joy! We went canoeing on Lake Louise and that was so cool. Literally and figuratively! LOL I am not a big water person but I am so glad I did it. We headed out towards Johnston Canyon in the afternoon and hiked to the Lower Falls. They were beautiful. Next time I would love to hike to the upper falls. This was an easy one and all concrete paths. We were told to take 1A from Johnston Canyon to Banff but they already had the road blocked off. This is a very popular place to see wild life. They are very diligent about protecting the wild life in the park and it was really cool to see first hand. Once in Banff we stayed at Mount Royal in the heart of the little town. It was wonderful but not as great the Fairmont! We had walking access to everything and that was really cool! We had dinner at The Park Distillery a short walk from the hotel. YUM!! Monday we got up and headed to Two Jack Lake. It was super close to downtown and beautiful. It was really cold and windy so we just took some pix and then took a scenic drive. We stopped by the Hoodoos and saw Banff from a distance. We ended up at the Grizzly and drink wine and had fondue! Canadian wine is delicious! We took the Banff Gondola up to Sulfer Mountain and that view was gorgeous! It was very cold and windy up there too! We were full from fondue so we just had a drink and app at the Sky Bistro and headed back down. We ended up getting sushi late night! Tuesday we had breakfast at Coyotes and headed to the hot springs. That was nice and relaxing. We headed back downtown to walk around, shop, and had lunch at the Block. YUM YUM YUM! Not one bad meal was had on this trip! We had fun grabbing souvenirs and things to bring home for everyone. Wednesday morning we had breakfast at Taloulous. It was the biggest breakfast ever! But that is my favorite! We headed back to Calgary for our 1pm flight. It was a trip of a life time and I CANNOT wait to go back and I hope you will add it to your bucket list! Currently cannot add photos! Sorry!

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