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He yall!

Hope everyone is off to an amazing start this week. I still need a little motivation sent my way so please send.

Today, I wanted to briefly chat about purchasing hair products on Amazon (or other non salon retailers) vs. a salon. I sell products that I love and stand behind but I will never push them or believe that there isn't something better out there. But, let me ask you... why purchase from Amazon over your own salon? Convenience? Price? Variety? There could be a ton of reasons. Here are a few of my own thoughts and opinions on this. First and foremost products sold on Amazon are not always what they seem. Many are out dated, watered down, and overpriced. Most salon products will say on the bottle "not guaranteed unless sold by a professional." This should be taken seriously. I have seen some negative results from "salon" type products that have been bought elsewhere. Secondly, when you are purchasing from your salon or stylist you are helping and supporting their small (or large) business and also trusting that they are recommending what is best for your hair. Many times the prices on Amazon are more then what you would pay in the salon. So just keep this in mind for future hair product purchases. I stand behind what I sell and will always help you find what is best. Trust me, I am all for Amazon and the convenience. But, I have said it a million times and I will say it again...If you are able to spend the money on getting your hair cut, colored etc, you should spend the money to maintain it properly. There are 2 things I will always spend money on, my hair and my face. They are the first thing I see and everyone else sees. So I will do what it takes to maintain.

I hope this has helped you all to make better choices when you go to purchase hair products!



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