• Tiffany Lanham

Letting Go

The process of letting go is a constant on my mind now that I have a child. Letting go is never an easy process. Also realizing I was given this time with Hudson to help shape him into the man God intends is a scary thought and not a job I feel equipped for. I know, most of us parents never feel equipped. We struggle with guilt, and failure, and fears, and struggles every day. But let me encourage you in this. God has fully equipped us for this great task in front of us. He wants to constantly remind us of the joy in letting go. Our calling is to raise our sweet kiddos in the way the Bible teaches and to let them go and live for God's glory. I won't lie, the thought of letting Hudson go brings tears to my eyes and a flood of emotions. But I also know that I am truly blessed with the best job on the planet! Brandon and I get to teach him about Jesus and show him this great world we live in. I hope and pray Hudson grows up to "Love Jesus and change the world one day!" And I hope he always knows that we are his BIGGEST fans.



Luke 10:21

Photo by: Shannon Leblanc Photography

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