• Tiffany Lanham

Managing My Time

Do any of you out there struggle with managing your time? I feel like this is a daily battle. As I mentioned in the last blog or two I have been getting up around 5am daily to have some quiet time, drink some coffee, and pray. Well, my little munchkin has decided to get up around the same time several times in the last week and I just want to cringe. As much as I love my sweet boy, I really need my hour before the day starts. Many of you probably stay up late after kid bed time to get ready for the next day, tidy up, etc. I on the other hand am more of a morning person so it's better for me to get up and get it done. But boy does it throw me off when Hudson wakes up as early as me. I don't think I can get up any earlier. HAHA I am a planner. I love to fill my planner with the daily must do's, fun events, meal planning, and leaving some white space. The white space is where I struggle the most. I need the white space to think freely, dream, pray, seek, rest. My to do list is never ending and I am constantly living with mom guilt, work brain, and on overload. When I start to feel this way I really have to take a step back, take a deep breath and gather my thoughts. I think we busy ourselves way too much these days. We have many things pulling us in all directions. Tv, cell phone, email, work, to do lists, kids, church, life. We need to leave ourselves some margin and take a step back. Turn off the tv and play a card game. Set down the phone and "get the bad guys" with your kids as Hudson says. Learning to be in the moment and enjoying where we are is a hard job. But the space is sweet. The time is priceless. And the peace that comes with it is endless. So give yourself a break today and take some time for you. Leave some margin and enjoy being in the moment. Everything else will still be there.



Tiffany's Tips:

When styling your hair with a tool be sure the temperature isn't too high. I recommend 350-375 degrees at most. Especially on colored hair. Be sure to use a non drying heat protector too. You will be glad you did!

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