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During her appointment last week she confessed to me she has the need to be liked. I couldn't have agreed more with her in my own life. But I don't think I have ever had someone be so real with me. I appreciated that. I struggle with this need on a daily basis. In my personal life and definitely in my work life. Even after being in the business for 15+ years I still get sad when someone "breaks up" with me. I run every scenario through my head about what I could have differently or better to change their mind. But sometimes it just doesn't work out. And honestly that's ok. I want everyone to be happy with their hair and if that's not with me I will gladly recommend some other options. There is no reason to be unhappy. On the personal side of things I struggle with building and maintaining relationships the older I get. With a marriage, child, business, life there can be an endless list of things to accomplish. I often neglect myself and wants and needs for the sake of my loved ones. But eventually you get so worn down you have nothing left to give. God has given us all the desire to be wanted and needed in this life. If those needs aren't met through Jesus, friendships, marriage, etc it can start to look really dark. First and foremost our need to be needed should be met by Jesus. That is far easier said than done. Since Jesus isn't a "physical" being I think I struggle most with this. But, after gently reminding myself that He is always with me no matter what, I experience a peace and comfort. As a mom and wife I definitely have the need to be needed and wanted by other moms and wives. Having those relationships are so necessary at this point in life. Having others to walk this road with that have small children and all those challenges as well as marriage and the ups and downs that come with that is critical for my spiritual life as well as my sanity. HAHA I am grateful for the needs I have and for those around me that help meet those needs. I hope and pray I am that person for so many around me. God is good and always shows up right on time.

xoxo, Tiffany

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