Pennington's on 51st

812 A 51st Ave N

Nashville, TN 37209

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Cancel/Late and No Show Policy:

Credit Cards are required to book all appointments.

 In order to continue providing the best possible scheduling options to my guest, I do require 48 hours notice should you need to cancel or reschedule your visit with me. Should you cancel your appointment with less than 48 hours notice, a $25 per service cancelled fee does apply and will be charged to your card on file. 

Canceling less than 24 hours before an appointment will result in a 50% charge of booked appointment. 

Showing up 15 minutes or later for your appointment will result in a partial appointment due to timing but you will still be charged for the full appointment. 

No showing an appointment will result in a 100% charge of the appointment booked. 




Monday 9am-5pm

Tuesday 9am-5pm

Wednesday CLOSED

Thursday 9am-5pm

Friday By Appointment Only

Saturday (Every 6 Wks) 8am-4pm

*Hours Based On Appointments*

Service Redo and Retail Exchange Policy:

We strive to offer our guests the highest level of guest satisfaction. If you are having challengers with your cut or color, let us know within 7 days of your visit and we're happy to correct the issue with no additional charge. Should you make a retail purchase that you are unsatisfied with, we will accept retail exchanges within 7 days of your initial purchase. 



 All Credit Cards Accepted 


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  • Tiffany Lanham

On The Struggle Bus

Who else is on the struggle bus with me? Can I get an amen? LOL The past few weeks have been super busy and some of the toughest as a mom for me. I know there are plenty more hard times to come but I can say the last week or so has been killer with Hudson. My sweet boy turned devil and that is common as "they" say around their 3rd birthdays. But let me just tell you, that doesn't make me feel any better. If you are experiencing the same things or something totally different my heart goes out to you. Being a mom, business owner, wife, friend, whatever... it's hard juggling all the things. So, I get it. I'm sorry you're struggling too. My saving grace is not only my faith in Jesus but those little snippets of time alone I get. Just enough to recharge my batteries for the next battle that is sure to come. We were never promised an easy life but we are promised grace and peace in Him. So, I will rest in that when I am on the struggle bus. I struggled to even sit down and write today. My goal is to be more consistent with blogging bc I love it. I love connecting with all of you in this way. But, it's another thing to do. Another idea to come up with and some days you just don't feel like it... I even got sidetracked for about 10 minutes working on my budget in the middle of this. ADD much? hahah Anyways, to any one out there struggling today just know you are not alone. Today might be hard and tomorrow could be harder. But remember to count the many blessings we have all around us. Hug your babies a little tighter and longer today and take a deep breath in bc these days will come and go. Quickly. And before you know it you might be wishing to have them back. I'm here with you. Pulling for you always.



Tiffany's Tips:

The Wet Brush has quickly become one of my favorites! Did you know that brushing wet hair can cause a lot of damage and breakage? I suggest using The Wet Brush or wide tooth comb or pick. The Wet Brush also comes in a paddle brush and a variety of round brushes. Let me know if you need one!