• Tiffany Lanham

Sweet Summertime

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

Here we are into the 2nd week of June and time is stopping for no one. I don't know about you but summer has quickly gotten so busy for me. We have traveled the last 2 weekend which I am not sad about but it has made life a little crazy in between. We traveled to visit some family and then I had an amazing 2 day immersion training in Louisville on Living Proof! So please excuse me as I geek out over all the products when you sit in my chair! I love learning all I can and soaking it all in. So excited to have this new knowledge to be able to share with you what will be perfect for your hair! Wednesdays have become our zoo day. Hudson is really enjoying going every week and seeing all the animals and running around with friends. It's nice for us mama's to get together too! Brandon has decided to take a new job at our church and will start July 1st. I am really excited about this new chapter for him. We are getting to take an actual week long vacation now and we just cannot wait to put our toes in the sand and relax for a few days. In the midst of all the crazy this summer take a second to sit back, relax, and soak it all in with your loved ones. Life is so short to just be busy all the time. Look forward to seeing you this month for your summer hair!



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