• Tiffany Lanham

The Faster Way

So y'all know there are new fad diets on every corner these days but recently I completed a program called The Faster Way to Fat Loss. I had a friend who is a coach and I just had to have what she had. The program was 7 weeks (now 8) and $199. You have access to meals, grocery lists, workouts all from the comfort of your own home. The whole premise is carb cycling and intermittent fasting. Let me just tell you that it works! It has totally changed my life. And the good part is it's a life style NOT a diet or fad or something you have to take everyday. It's all about eating clean, whole foods, and treating yourself appropriately! I never felt deprived and I love 10lbs and 9.5 inches! Nothing was working. I am so grateful to have found The Faster Way! If you wanna give a shot shoot me a message and I'll send you straight to my coach!



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