• Tiffany Lanham

Vacay Mode

This week has been one of the best in long time. We as a family were in much need of a fun time in the sun. Thankful for family that helped make that happen. We enjoyed the beautiful condo, the quiet pool-until we arrived of course, and the amazing white sand and blue water! God's creation is just amazing. I feel closest to Him when I am near the water. His grace and beauty abounds in those mighty waters.

We enjoyed several dinners out and had some yummy seafood as well snuck away for a happy hour on the water. All in all this week was super relaxing and I have my first tan in 4 years, LOL. Hudson as really enjoyed the water and is showing no fear. I am thankful and a but nervous for this! haha I love to see him happy and smiling so much. That is what it is all about.

I am always anxious to get back to the salon after my time away. I feel relaxed, motivated, encouraged and always excited to see everyone. What steps do you take to really relax and recharge? I would love to hear!



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